About Wish by Spirit

Wish by Spirit: A journey of recovery & healing from an autoimmune blood disease

After mysterious bruises appeared on her arms, a small cut on her tongue continued to bleed, and each day brought a struggle to maintain the life she knew, Joan went from disbelief through denial and finally learned she had immune thrombocytopenic purpura, ITP.  ITP is a chronic autoimmune bleeding disorder, subjecting its victims to a lifetime struggle with low platelet counts and a constant fear of bleeding to death, or so Joan was led to believe.

The usual first line treatment for ITP, a high dose of prednisone, not only failed to help solve Joan’s bleeding problem, but was instrumental in causing a seizure and a heart condition. When a splenectomy and several other drugs suggested by her hematologist left her depressed, demoralized, with additional conditions to treat, and a platelet count that hovered near zero, she began her own search for a cure.

She experimented with energy medicine, herbs, meditation, and diet changes, applying what she knew from teaching science, seeking the advice of alternative practitioners, learning ancient healing techniques, and taking a deep look into her soul to discover ways to heal her sense of self.  Joan’s journey from diagnosis to remission lasted 18 months.  The insights into her life, the healing practices she learned, and her spiritual shift changed her life forever.

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