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Chew Your Food

I ate efficiently (that is…very fast) for years as I tried to balance all the competing child, career, and home demands in my life. I knew it was a good day when I ate only one meal in my car. That all changed when I was diagnosed with ITP.

In my search for a healthier existence, I attended a lecture by Lino Stanchich, the only person I know who has practically devoted his entire life to the study of chewing and its effects on the body. His story piqued my interest in this everyday act.

Like most bodily functions, the seemingly simple effort of chewing food, when examined, is not simple at all. Saliva is made by three major salivary glands and about 500 minor glands throughout the mouth and throat. The largest salivary glands, the parotids, are located just below and in front of each ear. These are the glands that swell when you get mumps. The others are below the tongue and behind the chin. Continue reading