Healthy Traveler

It has been a pleasure to be a featured writer on the MilesGeek website.  Click on the links to read my ‘Healthy Traveler’ blog posts.

Take the Sickness out of Motion Sickness

Sea sickness, car sickness, air sickness…all the same cause, all the same feelings…yuck.  What you eat, breath, view, take, and think about can make a difference.

Reduce Jet Lag with These Simple Tricks

Tips for before, during, and after your trip to feel more chipper soon after you arrive.

Air Pollution Can Impact Your Travel Plans – Plan Ahead and Take Precautions

Traveling to China? Buenos Aires? Some cities and countries are known for the toxins in their air. Read ways to breathe well.

Healthy Flying – Avoiding the Hazards of Airplane Travel

Six tips to make your flights easier and healthier.

Preventing Altitude Sickness Symptoms

Altitude sickness can be debilitating, even deadly.  Here’s how to prevent or treat.

Avoid Zika and Other Mosquito-Borne Diseases

Sixteen things you can do to avoid getting bit.

The Power of Green

Green drinks and food are a key to feeling good when traveling (or not.)


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