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Positive Powers

A few months ago I met a remarkable man, Dr. Peter Powers, who reminded me of the potential of affirmations: specific, positive, internal messages.

Thanksgiving Everyday

I’m not talking about an everyday binge on turkey and football, but the giving thanks aspect of Thanksgiving, the time spent reflecting on the good things in life, concentrating on what you have rather than what you don’t.

Increase Your Vitality with One Easy Exercise

Qi gong (chi kung), a combination of movement, breathing, and focus, has been used for centuries to increase vitality and health.

10 Things Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Medical Research

Some people collect stamps, others, coins. I collect articles on the downside of our current medical system. If you are familiar with my medical history, you will not be surprised. Also see my presentation on the subject.

Five On-the-Go Energy Boosters

If my body is telling me to rest, I usually listen, but not when I’m going 70 mph on a crowded highway or riding a roller coaster with the grand kids. So here are some relatively healthy things I do to get a needed burst of energy. They might help you as well.

Best Use for a Microwave Oven

Anyone who has turned a potato into a hardball or cleaned spaghetti sauce splatter from the inside of a microwave oven knows (without the physics details) that microwave ovens cook food differently. And I speak from experience here.   What you might not know is this: eating microwaved food can be harmful to your health.  Studies show:

One Easy Step to a Cleaner and Healthier Home

When I was trying most anything I could to improve my health, someone suggested I remove my shoes when entering my home.

Your Soul Speaks

Intuition…everyone has this. It is the small voice inside of you whispering directions: where to go, what to do, what to avoid, what to choose.

Listen to Your Body

“Listen to your body.” That’s what Amy, a nurse and Reiki practitioner, suggested when I left the hospital 20 years ago and was struggling to stay home despite my body’s erratic behavior….

Outer Spaces, Inner Lives

If you want to create positive, healthy energy inside your body, it helps if you create positive, healthy energy inside your home. That’s a basic principle of feng shui (wind-water in English), the Chinese art of placement.

When the going gets tough…

If you have ever been in a family squabble, a confrontation with a company, or the recipient of some unkind words (and who hasn’t) you probably noticed that your energy level and feelings sagged. Emotionally charged events, those negative ones, especially if they last awhile, have the potential to harm your physical and mental health…if you let them.

Your Nose Knows

Really cold weather, really warm weather, either colds/flu or allergies. Take your pick.  In either case your nose is involved…stuffy, drippy, clogged, or all three.  Here’s where the Neti pot comes to the rescue.

Enliven Your Future

Aaahhh, New Year’s resolution time…again. This year, in addition the usual lose-weight-and-exercise agenda that I share with most everyone, I’m going to do another vision board. “Vision board? What’s that?” you ask.

Three Easy Stress-Busters

There is no doubt that the Holiday season increases stress. It even has a ranking on the Holmes and Rahe stress scale, the one that lists life’s stressful events and correlates the sum with the potential for illness.

In(to) Hot Water

Ready for something really simple that can have a positive impact on your health?  Here it is…drink hot water. Yes, that’s all there is to it.

Soft Smooth Skin, Naturally

Perhaps you bought some sesame oil to try oil-pulling (see last newsletter) and are not interested in using the extra to create a stir-fry concoction. Perhaps you are looking to alleviate dry skin now that colder weather is approaching. And, how do those two statements relate to each other? There is an answer…abhyanga.

One Remedy, Many Benefits

Save on dental bills, improve heart health, prevent Alzheimer’s disease, and more by doing just one easy thing for 20 minutes, a few times a week.  Wow!!!  What is that?

Door Number 1 or Door Number 2

On the TV show, “Let’s Make a Deal”, participants are asked to choose one of several doors that hide their prize. Choices in life are more difficult….Here are some unusual decision techniques I learned from others.

Samurai Super Food

Want a butter/salt substitute for corn on the cob?  An aspirin substitute for that Fourth of July hangover?  A cure for the summertime blues? Something to counter acid indigestion from too much pizza, too many brownies, or just too much?…

Surrounded by static

We ARE surrounded…cell phones, smart meters, cell towers (map on right), power lines, cordless phones, baby monitors, microwaves, all generating electro-magnetic fields (EMF)….

Spring Cleaning: Timeless Wisdom

Every spring, when I was a child, my mother would wash the curtains, scrub the walls, polish the furniture, open windows, plant flowers, cook dandelion greens, and generally replace the winter grime in our home and bodies with something cleaner and fresher….

Not just the old time rock and roll

“…music that soothes the soul”   It’s not just the “Old Time Rock and Roll” that heals the soul, but a wide variety of cohesive sounds. Sound has been used to heal for thousands of years. But for me the benefits have never been more clear than during the past month….

Metaphor: key to unlocking the symptoms

“What is bleeding you?” That’s the question a psychologist asked all of her clients with a bleeding disorder. Good question, I thought, and not easy to answer. For me the answer and the to-do list started with my job, environment, relationship, unresolved past hurts, and went on from there….

Abhyanga (sesame oil massage)

For many of us dry skin comes along with the dry indoor air and colder temperatures of winter.  To solve the problem you can coat your skin with expensive moisturizers containing questionable ingredients, but here’s another solution…sesame oil.  Just rub some all over your body before you shower and a very light coating of oil stays with you to keep your skin smooth, soft, and flake free….

Ushnodaka (Sip Hot Water)

It’s hard to believe that sipping hot water actually has an official name…ushnodaka. That’s because this practice has been an important part of Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. If you sip a bit of hot water every half hour you can (according to the Ayurvedic practice) improve joint pain, strengthen digestion, relieve heartburn, aid weight loss, ease symptoms of a cold/cough/fever and detox the body….

Chew Your Food Well

I heard about this tip from Lino Stanchich at a macrobiotic conference years ago.   Lino’s father chewed the meager food he was served in a WWII concentration camp 150 times per mouthful in order to keep warm, feel more satisfied, get more energy, and stay alive.  The chewing worked, because Lino was at the conference to tell about it….