Praise for Wish by Spirit

“Anyone, including physicians, nurses, patients, wondering what it’s like to live (or try to live) with ITP, must read Wish by Spirit.  Joan Young vividly recounts her tumultuous journey and triumph over a perplexing blood disorder.  What happens after the prescription is written or the infusion treatment is given?  This effort is not only an encouraging voice for those struggling with chronic illness but also an interesting primer, of sorts, for the diagnosis, treatment and natural history of this enigmatic platelet disorder.”
Michael Tarantino, MD, Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine, University of Illinois College of Medicine-Peoria and Medical Director of the Comprehensive Bleeding Disorders Center, Peoria, Ill.

“This is a wonderful story of a woman’s journey back to wellness and her tireless efforts to help others find their own paths. Inspiring and important, not just for those who have their own journeys to make but also for those of us who comfort and support along the way.”
Terry Gerhsheimer, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of Hematology, University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle, Wash.

“Joan, your story was like a breath of fresh air.  Before reading your story I felt lost and I really didn’t feel like I had any other options but to continue with the treatments. Your story changed that.  I feel like all of this information has empowered me.  Thank You!”–Vanessa

“You have given me additional and valuable information about my disease and I am truly grateful.  All I need is information and I can attack my problem with vengeance.  I now have some direction thanks to your kind words of encouragement and knowledge.”–Fred

“These days I skim books more than read them.  I am way behind on this weekend because I couldn’t put your book down… I read yesterday until 2am. I hardly expected a page-turner!”–Nancy

“When I started reading your book I could not put it down until I finished it…It has been a long, hard, lonely journey for me. But thanks to you I now don’t feel so alone… Reading your book has given me more hope. I am more determined than ever to reclaim my health and my life.” —Lavinia