Joan has developed and given several presentations in Arizona and at national group meetings.  Current presentation topics include:

10 Things Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Medical Research

Some feel that medical research is an exact science, no questions asked. This presentation reveals the opposite: the sometimes hidden manipulation surrounding what you read and what you hear about pills, surgeries, and diagnostic tests.  Power Point presentation    PDF version

Inside the World of Medical Evidence.

Attendees learn how medical research becomes medical evidence: the motivations, the barriers, the costs, the rewards, the pitfalls, the gold standards, the hidden agendas, and the questions to ask.  Inside the World of Medical Evidence slide show

Beyond Twinkies and Treadmills: 10 (or 5) easy and cheap ways to improve your health. 

A good diet and regular exercise are important, but there are many other things everyone can do to maintain a healthy body and mind. This workshop features 10 (or 5, depending on the time allotted) simple and little-known lifestyle practices that reduce stress, increase energy, prevent disease, and activate the body’s natural healing potential. See the blog entry for the 5 version notes.

Contact Joan if you would like her to give one of these presentations at your group meeting.

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  1. Linda Dorasami

    Joan, so I may be in over my head just a little….alright a lot!! I took the title from your Sept.Newsletter as our topic for our meeting Nov.1…yep, five days away….and now realize You aren’t going to be actually here in person to present it!! (duh?!!) So wondering if we might just skip to something a little lighter-hearted such as the blog enry for the 5 version notes on Twinkle toes and Twinkies?? Can’t go back to the title while typing. What can you do for me to fulfill the half hour talk I’m needing….Thank you in advance. There is a reason why I’m me and You’re Joan Young….I’ll try to remember this in the future!! (funny but not really)….


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