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Of the Coca-Cola products, Coca-Cola Classic® is the most acidic with a pH of 2.5. A liquid with a pH of 2 or less is considered corrosive hazardous waste, you know, the kind of spill where they bring in a hazmat team for clean-up.

Having trouble going to sleep at night? Skip the Ambion and try a spoon of honey. That’s right….honey. You’d think the sugar would give you more energy and make it more difficult to fall asleep, but that’s not the way it works. It actually relaxes you. Add the honey to a cup of camomile tea for added benefit. I keep little packets of honey in my travel kit to help me fall asleep in hotel rooms or adjust to time differences. (Thanks to AnneMarie Colbin, cookbook author and founder of the Natural Gourmet Cooking School, for mentioning this at one of her lectures)

Have some umeboshi plums handy for your New Year’s celebration. Why? These little pickled plums can cure both a hangover and acid indigestion. You can find these magic plums and a paste version in most natural grocery stories. Only warning- they have a high salt content (but you only need a really small amount to work wonders.)

Some of the airport backscatter scanners are being replaced at major airports for privacy, not safety concerns….although the European Union and other countries have determined they aren’t going to subject their citizens to the potentially cancer-causing radiation that is emitted. For me, I always opt-out of the scanners and get a free massage.

Think of this quote from OSHA next time you approach a hot tub:
‘Severe acute effects of chlorine exposure in humans have been well documented since World War I when chlorine gas was used as a chemical warfare agent…Exposure to 15 ppm causes throat irritation, exposures to 50 ppm are dangerous, and exposures to 1000 ppm can be fatal, even if exposure is brief.’

The official verdict is in: the Mediterranean diet reduces cardiovascular disease and a low fat diet doesn’t, according to a new study from Spain. The study was stopped early because the low-fat diet was making people sick and gain weight despite the reduced calories.

Dean Ornish, MD was one of the first to scientifically prove that diet changes could reverse heart disease. Here he expands on the theories and shows us how simple lifestyle changes can make a huge positive difference in our health. Change your lifestyle, reverse your diseases.

Nearly half of everyone polled in a survey experienced some pain in the last two weeks. Here are some alternatives (or additions) to the pill bottle to reduce pain naturally.

When I attended the Kushi Institute conferences years ago, I learned about the importance of diet in cancer prevention and treatment. I’m glad this subject is getting more press. Here’s an article about selectively starving cancer cells

Where’s the evidence??!! In breast cancer studies researchers commonly spin the conclusions and report more favorable outcomes and fewer side effects than the clinical results warrant. Of the phase III studies from 1995 through 2011, 59% exhibited some bias according to newly published research.

Chocolate (the dark, not-too-sweet kind) can reduce your risk of a heart attack and stroke, lower your blood pressure, reduce your cholesterol and your weight, improve your thinking, and possibly put you in a better mood. Yummmm! Seven benefits described here.

Jet fuel, anti-freeze, coal tar derivative. This article reminds us to read the labels before buying that box of processed food.

Scan a bar code with your smart phone and a new app will tell you what company really owns the brand. If you want to boycott all Monsanto products or know that your Burt’s Bees shampoo is made by Clorox, this is the app for you. Available now on the iPhone, android version coming soon.

The two yoga classes I took recently (courtesy of my daughter) really got my muscles working. This looks like a good way to get in shape. Some of these exercises were also included in the yoga class, for those of you who might think yoga is all stretching.

Inflammation is linked to so many diseases…cardiovascular, diabetes, autoimmune, more. Learn simple ways to measure and deal with runaway inflammation in this impressive article.

“Four days in nature without technology improved creativity by 50% for hikers in a recent study” (from the AARP magazine)
I’m trying for a few hours a week. Sedona is the best place to escape.

Some sugar facts: The US is the world’s largest sugar producer, producing 8.1 million tons of granulated sugar each year. Sugar is only 1.9% of US crop dollars, but sugar companies contribute 33% of crop-related lobbying contributions and 55% of crop-related PAC donations. Sugar consumption is directly related to getting diabetes. The cost of diabetes drugs are expected to rise from $35 billion to $58 billion by 2018. More

This article offers great insight into the best way to communicate with someone who is ill. Understand who is at the center, then “Comfort in. Dump out.”

Turns out, according to this new research, that people who eat red meat have different gut bacteria that convert the carnitine in meat to a protein that promotes cardiovascular damage. Note: some sports drinks and bodybuilding supplements also contain carnitine.

The Environmental Working Group announced their 2013 Shoppers Guide to Pesticides in Produce. See their lists for the fruits and veggies with the most and the least pesticide residue.

Not feeling well? The answer is not a pill, it is your life. I can personally attest to this wisdom. Listen to Dr. Saul’s inspirational message. From my perspective, it is right on.

Have been feeling a little stiff lately. Could it be the potatoes I’ve been eating? Potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, and other foods are in the nightshade family of plants and have been linked to joint pain and arthritis. Some medications contain nightshades as well. This article has details and a way of checking whether nightshades are causing you problems.

During a recent trip to Italy I noticed that there was a startling and welcome reduction in plastic bags, plates, and wrap. The IO9 web site summarizes: “you should avoid any plastic designated #7, #3, and #6. Plastics that are safe, or at least relatively so, are #1, #2, #4, and #5.” Details.

I woke up on the middle of the night, nose dripping. Then I talked to a friend who had the same experience at the same time. Not allergies, he said, geoengineering. He said he saw a plane spraying chemicals in a not-so-evident experiment to control weather. Those looking at geoengineering, both pro and con, are looking at the effect on weather and plants. What about people?

Get the most bang for your food intake. Dr. Joel Fuhrman calculated the ratio of nutrients to weight in a long list of foods. Hear him explain the theory and see the food ratings. (hint: kale and collards win)

In the 1970s I worked on hospital computer systems and saw first-hand how the billing was manipulated by payer to increase hospital profit. The rates charged for procedures differed. The people who paid their own bills were charged much higher rates. The situation has only gotten worse. Read some chilling facts in this excellent article.

I learned some new kale facts from this short video: good for your hair, complete protein, more calcium than milk, interferes with cancer cells, recipe for kale pesto. Eating more today.

Mark, a yoga teacher, mentioned that you can tell how stressed you are by how close your shoulders are to your ears. The quick solution: place your hands in prayer position…anjali mudra in yoga-speak.

One out of four people take statin drugs. New research uncovered another side effect to add to the many already discovered…muscle weakness. Statin users had fewer benefits from exercise than those who didn’t take the drug.

I’m just listening to this sensible summary of nutrition advice. In just a few minutes Dr. Mark Hyman shares most everything anyone needs to know to eat well.

Want to stop or reduce aging….and who doesn’t? Exercise! According to recently published research exercise can help stop the age-associated decline and deterioration of your cell’s mitochondria, their energy powerhouse. Hiking and dancing yesterday, qi gong today, yoga tomorrow. Join me.

I love a cold brew on a hot day. But I just found this article on what some beer really contains...GMO corn, high-fructose corn syrup, propylene glycol, stuff made from fish bladders, and other nasties. I’m sticking with German beer. It has only water, hops, yeast, malted barley or wheat, by law.

Non-stick pans and canned food are just two of the six things around your home that can contribute to heart attacks.

I like these. My grandkids like these. You might too. How to  make Kale chips.

In the mid 90s I participated in experiments at the PEAR lab in Princeton, a lab devoted to the study of mind over matter. Could the mind effect random physical events? The result of the contributions of the many volunteers was ‘yes.’ The mind can influence the physical world. When I signed up to volunteer I was quizzed about my motivations. Evidently there were many attempts to sabotage the lab’s work. My favorite experiment was the one involving the cute little frog.

I loved this clip. Herbs were so important in my recovery from ITP and have helped millions of others. “You’re as much carrot as you are a kangaroo, as you are a bird. A lot of that DNA, that memory comes from the very origins of life.” (Bill Mitchell, ND)

No wonder the coca-cola company has to spend big bucks to convince people this a good choice.  Read what happens to your body after drinking Coca-cola.

This Web site from Norway will calculate your fitness age based on your waistline, exercise habits, and resting pulse. The researchers determined that these parameters could predict physical fitness without expensive tests. I enjoyed using the calculator to see what a slimmer waist or a more sedentary lifestyle will do to my fitness level. http://www.ntnu.edu/cerg/vo2max

Oh no, not additives in tea. Time to read more labels. Read the full story here.

Just listened to this funny and informative clip on diet, breast cancer, and the power of pink ribbons. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyyhDpSVV84

I found this article truly depressing. I love fish, but with the over-fishing, mercury, and now radiation, this wonderful food doesn’t seem like a good choice. Read about the radiation hitting the West coast.

How Oreos work like cocaine…watch out for the withdrawal symptoms, too.

Healthgrades has just released a list of 262 top hospitals in the US. Looks like I’d have to travel to Phoenix to get to one. That’s good news since a quarter of the states don’t have a hospital that made the list. Read the report and see the list at http://www.healthgrades.com/

“…dermatologists, gastroenterologists and oncologists rose 50 percent or more between 1995 and 2012, even when adjusted for inflation…” Learn how some patients become a doctors “ATM machine.”

The best diets? According to US News and World reports, the DASH and Mediterranean rank very high. That’s not surprising since they have been proven in many studies to be very healthy diet alternatives. http://health.usnews.com/best-diet

Long ago I learned to always look at who is behind a scientific study because the source of funding can affect the results. Here’s additional proof that money talks in science. A new study reports that research on sugar sweetened beverages with funding tied to sugar companies was 5 times more likely to discount the connection between the drinks and obesity than more independent research.

Heating cooking oil beyond the smoke point can increase free radicals and other potentially harmful compounds. Here’s a handy chart outlining the oils that can be safely used at higher temperatures.

For Thanksgiving I made a gluten-free, low fat, low sugar pumpkin pie. It tasted so good and the ingredients were so healthy I didn’t feel guilty when I ate a slice for breakfast the next day.

Sugar linked to heart disease and more.






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